There has been a recent VAC wave in which many CS:GO players were banned.
After receiving two reports of VAC bans from our user base I decided to put the cheat on pause and investigate.
The speculation behind the current VAC wave such as VMT hooking would not apply to our cheat.
Through selectively testing each individual feature, I was unable to replicate the bans that happened in the VAC wave.
This can be caused by a few reason such as:
The accounts used other cheats months ago
The accounts were flagged as low trust due to reports
The accounts received VAC modules that were not used on our accounts
The accounts were detected by VACnet for their aimbot use
As a precaution, we have temporarily disabled some of the non vital features such as:
Custom Zoom
No Camera Shake
OBS Cleaner
All accounts that were affected by the pause have been re-enabled and given a 4 day extension.
As we continue to investigate by reverse engineering any new VAC modules, we recommend users report any VAC bans to us.
For any users concerned with detection, we recommend subscribing to our sister site Faded Coder.
Faded Coder is a completely different cheat that is completely hook-less and has had 0 VAC reports from our users in its entire 4 year lifespan.
It focuses on a few core features such as bomb holder ESP, health ESP, glow, and trigger bot.

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