What does the obs stream feature do on csgo cheat and how do i use it

2 answers

Staff June 16, 2017

It removes 2d visuals from your Open Broadcast Software video stream such as (menu, text, 2d boxes).

  1. does this include ESP ? and we use on twitch live broadcast ?
  2. JPlekly Staff October 10, 2017
  3. it is not work. i open live broadcast offline mod in twitch and watch my game but esp is visible , how can i do it ?

how does it work ? i cant it

  1. I just asked that question myself also. It is not working for me either when I do it on facebook live
  2. Use OBS Studio, make sure that in the menu the OBS cleaner is on. And remember chams, aim lines, nade prediction, etc still shows in OBS but skeleton, box, head, hp, the menu, etc don't show in OBS/Stream.

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