Is this hack an overlay or is it built into the game like an injection? My only question, thanks! 😀

  1. This really depends on what program you are using to stream. Some broadcasting softwares stream whats on the monitor, that includes the ESP overlay, and what other hacks you may have enabled. But there is options, and it is entirely possible to livestream on sites as YouTube and Twitch with the cheats enabled.I can lead you to a program that i use for streaming, which only broadcast the "game.exe" and not whats on the monitor, meaning you can bascially use whatever hacks you like without anyone knowing..The software is called Bandicam, you can easily downloaded a cracked pro version, works great. Works better then OBS in my opinion, cause of said reasons.

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Staff May 26, 2016

It is not an overlay

  1. Okay thank you!!

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