This is just a short review on the cheat itself hoping to further your user base.
Since i only standard for 1 month, i can comfortably say i did have a large blast with this cheat, and within time, would probably purchase another subscription, but keep it going.
This again is only a short review.
Esp/Opticals: This was a blast to use. I’ve never really seen this much choice in a optical section ever. I will say now, it’s one of the best i have used so far, since all the features are pretty dope and i would use them all again. Some are a bit weird sometimes, but most of the time they work and give me that dank edge i need.

Aimbot: Only had this before you added more options to the aimbot, but never the less, they were all fun features i enjoyed using thoroughly. With just enough tweaking and all, you can turn that aimbot into something special, whilst keeping it legit looking. I was able to beat spinbotters with just the bot alone. I would suggest adding more features to the aimbot for well more human actions. Oh, and the selection of the bones is nice, too!

Triggerbot: What’s there to say? It gets the job done. But i dont recall a delay option for the tb. That would be helpful for making it a little more human like.

RC System: What can i say about this? The recoil control system is on point. It’s fun to use standalone without the aimbot to make it seem even more legitimate. Theres just enough options for it to make it hit that sweet spot just right.

Miscellaneous: Auto pistol is good but seems a little sloppy, but it gets the job done with rcs with a tec9. Bhop is always on point, always getting you to those places where you need to get to fast, even the autostrafer seems to be good, but i would suggest making auto strafe a feature of its own, instead of having bhop enabled.

Sound: Damn these sound options are great. Removing ambience and muting radio is probably the best thing i’ve ever used. I can hear literally every foot step which is in my area, and is a gigantic help. Oh, and the hit sound is pretty dope, but give it some more sounds and it’d be even better.
And finally we come to security: Not bad. No vac detections as far as im concerned, and i used it most of the time when playing, too.
Gonna give this cheat a dope 10/10 since its pretty much flawless in my view. I was glad to have come across this and well, i’d use it again. Keep it up, J, Good work!

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Staff July 7, 2016

I’m glad you enjoyed our product

  1. Im glad to have purchased it. Looking forward to using it again in the future.
  2. i bought it also but i cannot run it Failed to load library can someon help me i dont want to waste money for nothing Win 10

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