Hey Chief, wondering if you support CEVO. Really liked your work and looking to game some more, but I can’t do 64 tick.

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Staff July 29, 2016

We don’t directly support CEVO at this time.


Anyone use this on any leagues by chance? Guess I could always be the goat, but really dont feel like wasting $40.

  1. You can use the ESP on Faceit without worries, and I have used the aimbot on Faceit for maybe 4-5 matches and still I'm not banned but I'm not saying the aimbot/trig/rcs are undetected on Faceit.
  2. firstly after playing 4-5 matches, you have to install faceit client, and it doesnt work any features faceit ac
  3. The cheat is not undetected on the client nor is it being advertised that it is.
  4. while faceit ac works , if open cheat you get unable to allocate memory in the remote process error

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