(arc for all)
Snipers 3 FOV, auto shoot on, 0.01 aim speed, chest waist neck shoulders as aim bones and middle mouse button as aimkey.
Pistols 1.5 FOV, auto shoot off, 0.01 aim speed, neck & head as aim bones and middle mouse button as aimkey.
Other 1.5 FOV, auto shoot off, 0.01-0.02 aim speed, chest neck as aim bones and head and left mouse button as aimkey.
Recoil view default
RCS on pistols and automatics
Aimbot exclusive on and down only off
Vertical strength 2.3, horizon strength 2.1
Random 1.12
Ignoring first bullet
0.20 (I only use on pistol rounds).
Chams and head ESP for visible only.

  1. Is this still your go to config? I tried out the 0.01 aim speed and tbh it really doesn't look like the cursor is moving at all, unless your intention was to not use the aimbot at all.
    Chams isn't working atm so i've been using the Bones/Head ESP with the invisible color disabled
    I've been playing with radar on, thinking of turning it off though even if it's not as blatant as flat out walls. Instead of using the RCS i've been sticking with the recoil cursor with both horizontal and vertical, i really like this feature.
  2. I use linear with 1.03 aim speed and 2.0 fov now, chams are disabled for security reasons I think.

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