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  1. Aimbot for mouse 1 :)
  2. JPlekly Staff February 23, 2016
    Left mouse button can be set as your aim key

10 answers

added head esp ?

  1. JPlekly Staff February 23, 2016
  2. nice for legit game play ! thx boss

Grenade Tracer
Show predicted trajectory where grenade will go ( very op feature )

  1. JPlekly Staff February 23, 2016
    We already kind of have that warning system, its called Awareness.It shows left, right, or down arrows depending on where someone is behind you.For the grenade trajectory, I'll look into it.
  2. not a grenade tracer after shoot, grenade tracer before shoot, uncommon feature, gl !
  3. would be nice to see enemy grenade like in overwatch.
  4. JPlekly Staff March 17, 2016

Hack status bar or something to know when the hack is available(after patches, etc) so we do not have to ask or try using faulty software to find out. The ability to turn off entire parts of the hack before even downloading it would be really nice(turn of mechanical or visuals, etc), you all ready have the reset button.


Not sure if you’ve looked into this or not, but maybe a feature to remove flashbangs

  1. JPlekly Staff March 17, 2016

Removing flashbangs and an option for wire framed smoke would be nice.


everything is fine. But I’m waiting for new server lagger) or similar


At work and only just bought the thing so not tested however. Do you have some form of humanized aim assist? I did see your video from that it looks decent but still questionable in overwatch. Is the aim assist believable?

  1. JPlekly Staff April 19, 2016
    I use it as a sticky aimbot with a low fov and high speed to have it lock once it passes over an enemy.You can customize it differently if you prefer.
  2. Thanks for the speedy response kind sir. Must say I'm glad I've found this quiet little corner of the web! Can't wait to test it out later.

Can you please add option  Bones for SMG , Rifle  Sniper, Pistols. 1 by 1.

  1. Separated.
  2. Would like this as well. And a FOV changer could be nice.
  3. Yeah, also FOV.

Bind visuals to a key so it’s only activated when you press that key.


Disabling the counter strafe while space is pressed (or maybe just in air?) so you can still bhop/air strafe would be great
Might be cool to see a sound esp option, though tbh i do like having some esp’s available whether they’re making sound or not to make enemies more visable (maybe a checkbox next to the esp’s to enable it?).


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